Nicolle teaching a ballet class

Pointe Works offers classes in Classical Ballet and Character Dance. The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus is taught in Ballet Classes where children can start in their Pre-School Year, from the age of 3.

At Pointe Works, the ballet classes are organised into academic school years. Children can start ballet in the September a year before they start school, with a minimum age of 3. The children move up a class in September of each year to accommodate new children joining at the school at the start.   

Below is a list of the RAD Grades offered and a guide to the suitable entry point. Please bear in mind that an academic year must be spent at each grade before moving up, and these are only guidelines - some children will need longer.

Full Class List

RAD Class Ideal School Year Entry Point Recommended Number of School Terms of Study Normal Target for Taking Exam Class Length Cost
First Steps Ballet Pre-School Year 3 No Exam 30 mins £4.50
Next Steps Ballet Reception 3 No Exam 30 mins £4.50
Pre-Primary Year One 3 End of Year One 45 mins £5.10
Primary Year Two 3 End of Year Two 45 mins £5.10
Grade 1 Year Three 5 Easter of Year Four 45 mins £5.10
Grade 2 Year Four – Summer Term 5 December of Year Six 1 hour £6.00
Grade 3 Year Six – January Term 5 End of Year Seven 1 hour £6.00
Grade 4 Year Eight 6 End of Year Nine 1 hour £6.00
Adult Ballet No exams 1 hour £5.00