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Nicolle Higgins




When your child starts at Pointe works, weekly payment is probably the best idea for the first 2 weeks just so that you can check that your child is enjoying the classes prior to joining in with term fees. You can join in with term fees and receive a 10% discount on the block payment that you make.


As soon as you know if your child is continuing with ballet,  I would highly recommend buying some ballet shoes.(£12 from Pointe Works) It is important that students get used to working their feet correctly in ballet shoes and from a health and safety perspective I would prefer they had something on their feet. Uniform is available to purchase from Pointe Works at very reasonable prices. (See Uniform tab for details)

Observing classes:

It is possible for parents to watch the pre-school ballet classes when they are able to do so from the very start to the very finish of the lesson and only when they are able to arrange childcare for siblings. If you do decide to stay in the main teaching area, it is really important that you don't talk to other parents during the lesson and keep any sibling contributions to a minimum because it distracts the children. For me to teach them effectively I will need you to be quiet - thank you.  

Visits to the toilet:

Unfortunately I cannot leave the teaching room to accompany the children to the toilet and in most cases they are too young to go alone to an area where I cannot guarantee their safety and welfare. If you are a parent that leaves the building during the lesson time, where-ever possible (and I know it’s difficult!) can you either make sure they have been just before the lesson, or designate another mum who is waiting to take them during the lesson should they need to go.

Exams and progression:

After they have completed First Steps & Next Steps ballet, each January the children move up to the next class. The classes are organised in birth years rather than school academic years to match the RAD’s minimum age requirements for exams. The Royal Academy recommend the children study each grade for a minimum of one school year before either taking an exam or moving up to the next grade. Exams are held each year in December and Easter or June and are optional. They do not need to have taken or passed an exam to move up. You will be advised as we go along when the exams are held so that your child has an option to join in if they are eligible.

If you ever have any feedback or questions on any aspect of Pointe Works it will always be gratefully received.